Keith Flint 1969-2019
On 4 March 2019 The iconic frontman was found dead at his home aged 49. All love and sympathy goes out to his family, friends and all fans across the world at this sad time.

Drawmer DL221 two/dual channel compressor


Industry standard budget dual mono/stereo compressor/limiter, widely used since the mid 80s. Side chain inputs, preset peak limiter. Easy to use, clearly laid out, but the meters are not always terrifically accurate. The first and least cluttered of a family that later added expanders, variable soft/hard knee options and even gates.

Dual Mono
Principle Solid State
Connections 1/4" jacks
Attack, release, threshold, ratio, gain, + others
Input impedance: >10k Ohms
Output gain: -20dB to +20dB
Bandwidth: 20Hz - 30kHz ± 1dB
Max output level: +21dBm
Distortion:<0.02% @ +4dB input, U.G.; <0.05% @ +14dB input, 20dB G.R.
Threshold: -24dB to infinity (Ref +4dBv)
Ratio: Variable 1:1 to 20:1
Attack: 50 micro second to 5 seconds
Peak Limiter Threshold: +6dB
Ratio: 50:1
Attack: 50 u second
Release: Automatic
Bypass No



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