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Wind It Up (Rewound)
(March 1993, XL-Recordings XLS-39CD)
01. 03:29 Wind It Up (Rewound Edit)
02. 05:30 We Are The Ruffest
03. 06:45 Weather Experience (Top Buzz Remix)
04. 06:15 Wind It Up (Rewound Mix)

Sleeve info:
All tracks written, engineered, produced, mixed and recorded by L. Howlett at Earthbound Studios. Tracks 3 remixed by Top Buzz at Sound Entity Studios, Uxbridge. Track 3 co-produced by Top Buzz and Jack Smooth.

Respect to...Carl Cox, Dj Rap, Mickey Finn, Slipmatt and Lime, the Tour Dj’s... Devious D, Dj Physics and Dj Richie, Shades Of Rhythm, Njoi, Moving Shadow, Mc Lenny, Naked Twister Possee, big respect to all underground Dj’s who have supported us and everyone in dance. M.C. MC, Hardcore General and the VIP Crew, Jay J and all the Mc’s on the circuit. Maxim Vibes (starkey educator and teacher) Des O’Connor, Steve Wright, Mark Goodier, Micky (The Possee), El Tel, Picky, Sharky, Fruits Of The Earth, Paul and Tav (Laser), Gary (Fat C-T), Wayne (Top Sound), Steve and Mark (The Hippy and The Hippy Hater, Acid Wow Lighting) Jimmy, Carl (Top Blagger Grinders), Chip, and the 26 Bad Boys. Thanks to Sean (sack the low lights shanice) and to everyone who supported the tour. Nice!!

A lovely thank you to Mr. W 30, James Jupiter The 8th, Mrs. 303, Mr. 909, and especially monsieur AKAI 1100 (The Earthbound Crew).

Special thanks to Nick Halkes (thanks for all your efforts with the band and good luck in your new venture)
Liam, Leeroy, Keith, Maxim.

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