Out Of SpaceOut Of Space

Out Of Space
(November 1992, 12” XL-Recordings XLT-35)

A1. 05:07 Out Of Space (Original Mix)
A2. 04:48 Out Of Space (Techno Underground Remix)
B1. 04:20 Ruff In The Jungle Bizness (Uplifting Vibes Remix)
B2. 04:21 Music Reach (1/2/3/4 - Live)

The first few hundreds or thousands originals didn't even come with the Out Of Space inlay, just that old standard issue XL-Recordings black/silver sleeve (X on front, L on back), but after that they had the designed sleeves. New 1996 re-prints featured the designed sleeves, but on the back of the sleeve it says "brian" instead of "brain".

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