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Richard Cheese - Lounge Against the Machine
(October 17, 2000)

1 2:35 Nookie / Break Stuff (originally by Limp Bizkit)
2 2:14 Guerilla Radio (originally by Rage Against The Machine)
3 2:53 Come Out And Play (originally by Offspring)
4 2:21 Closer (originally by Nine Inch Nails)
5 2:15 Wrong Way (originally by Sublime)
6 2:55 Bullet The Blue Sky (originally by U2)
7 2:56 Creep (originally by Radiohead)
8 1:40 Last Resort (originally by Papa Roach)
9 1:55 Rape Me (originally by Nirvana)
10 1:23 What's My Age Again (originally by Blink 182)
11 3:01 Smack My Bitch Up (originally by Prodigy)
12 1:55 Fight For Your Right (originally by Beastie Boys)
13 2:03 Only Happy When It Rains (originally by Garbage)
14 0:56 Suck My Kiss (originally by Red Hot Chili Peppers)
15 1:43 Holiday In Cambodia (originally by Dead Kennedys)
16 2:05 The Rockafeller Skank (originally by Fat Boy Slim)

On "Lounge Against The Machine," neo-legendary lounge singer Richard Cheese takes the happenin' songs that the kids are listening to these days, and swankifies them with that pop vocal feel. Imagine Frank Sinatra crooning a big band version of "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails, except for the part where Frank is dead. No, indeed, Cheese is alive and well, singing and swinging 16 kooky covers of alternative hits with jazzy arrangements, snazzy vocals, and pizazzy style on a fabulous CD that The Los Angeles Times calls "smooth," Stuff Magazine calls "Catskills-worthy," and Rolling Stone calls "pungent. "

In the grand tradition of CDs like Lounge-A-Palooza and Grunge Lite, Oglio has just released quite possibly the best of the lot--Lounge Against the Machine. With cheesy (no pun intended) covers of all your favorites by groups like Prodigy, Limp Bizkit, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, this is one of the best CDs of its kind out there. Richard Cheese is made up of Bobby Ricotta on charts and ivories, Gordon Brie on strings and strums, Buddy Gouda on sticks and skins, and the inimitable Cheese on vocals and vodka.

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