The Prodigy - No Good (Start The Dance) music video

Director: Walter Stern
Producer: John Payne

The video was shot in a disused underground warehouse, where a small party is taking place. The band split up and go about their own thing, doing whatever suits them best. Keith builds himself up into a frenzy, and is carted off in a straightjacket, and then locked in a glass box full of some very strange smoke created by a brown sticky substance. (This scene has been removed in some versions). Leeroy heads off into a room on his own and starts a dance frenzy and Liam smashes up a brick wall with a sledgehammer, while Maxim, complete with evil-looking green eyes, sits back and observes the proceedings. No Good was shot at Fabric, in London a club where Liam Howlett returned twice as guest DJ.

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