The Prodigy - Get Your Fight On music video

Director: Bartleberry Logan
Producer: ?

London-based video director Bartleberry Logan masterfully captures the intense primal rage at the core of The Prodigy's live shows.

In true Prodigy fashion, the video is filled with peak levels of insanity and includes footage from their recent live shows, as well as some terrifying close-ups of Liam, Keith and Maxim.

Video exhibits the prickly over-stimulation and cathartic burst of their infamous live shows. You feel like you’re part of the mosh pit as the group’s hard hitting beats and lights surround you. Video cameras propped onto the microphones and instruments allow you to be up close with the band as well.

Yet, it goes beyond that still: a man still and staring in a moshing crowd, animal masks on human bodies, eyes with no pupils. This video has a chilling air that gives life to this brutal track.

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