Relase date: 1998
Type: Sampler/sequencer/hard disk recorder/virtual analogue synth/effects processor ALL IN ONE!

Roland SP-808 Groove Sampler


This is one of the many gifts from the Roland for Liam. I don't know if Liam has used this.. he prefer more old stuff made before 1980, but this one is really cool toy for anyone, so maybe he can find some use for this machine too.

Gear info:

The SP-808 Groove Sampler is the first product of its kind a sampling and recording workstation which is one part professional-quality phrase sampler; one part hard disk audio recorder. Developed to meet the needs of a growing "remix" and sampling-based music market, the SP-808 provides everything DJ's, sampling musicians and remix artists need. Remix-orientated phrase sampler/hard disk audio recorder w/8-tracks (4 stereo) digital multitracker -16 assignable sample pads per bank (64 banks total) -Internal zip drive records all audio tracks & stores all samples on removable 100 mb zip disks. 64 minutes/1024 samples can be stored on a single disk. -Automatic tempo calculation and display plus resampling time stretch functions. -On-board effects (reverb,chorus & delay effects plus "Lo-fi","Wah","Isolator", & synth effects -D-Beam controller -Realtime effects control (3 assignable knobs) -Can also be used as a digital multi tracker recorder.




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