Roland JP-8000 analog modeling synthesizer

Release date: 1997
Type: Digital analog modeling synthesizer


The Roland JP-8000 was released in early 1997 to compete with the other analog modeling synthesizers of the period such as the Access Virus, Clavia Nord Lead the Korg MS2000B and the Yamaha AN1x. These were the early Virtual Analog Synthesizers (VA synths) that were released in the mid to late 1990's. While the functionality, sound, and architecture of the JP-8000 differs from these other synthesizers, it shared the same purpose of recreating the unique sound and functionality of classic analog synths. The JP-8000 was viewed at the time as the modern incarnation of the classic Roland Jupiter-8, from 1981. It sought to reproduce the warm tonalities and sheer analog power of its older, bigger brother, of course with a modern slant, adding all kinds of features, from motion control, to RPS, to the fabled Super Saw oscillators and old-school controllers such as an arpeggiator and an assingable touch response ribbon control.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Liam's comment:
"I really like it. The analogue gear sometimes gets broken on the road; this new stuff is so much more robust. I do like the 8000, especially with the effects; you can just make it really big".



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