The new Prodigy album 2018

The seventh studio album by The Prodigy.

Liam posted a message on Instagram and Facebook that The Prodigy will release a new single before the end of this year and album will follow early next year!

Probable collaborations are the Ragga Twinz, Brother Culture, Shahin Badar and Dizzee Rascal. It's also pretty sure that Olly Burden might have some involvement too.

A bit later was revealed that The Prodigy have signed a worldwide record deal with BMG.

Possible collaborations: 

Brother Culture 
Dizzee Rascal 
Ragga Twinz 
Brad Wilk

Album related interviews

Music Business Worldwide September 19 2017 The Prodigy sign worldwide deal with BMG for new album in 2018

As seen on Instagram

Before the release was officially announced there were lots of rumors floating around. Many possible collaborators had been seen on studio with Liam and posting photos to social media. Here are some of those.

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