Out Of Space

UK chart position: 3
November 1992, 7" XL-Recordings XLS-35
November 1992, 12” XL-Recordings XLT-35
November 1992, Cassette XL-Recordings XLC-35
November 1992, XL-Recordings XLS-35CD
Elektra versions
Other versions

"Out of Space" was the fifth EP/single released by The Prodigy on 9 November 1992.

The song is also featured on The Prodigy's 1992 debut album Experience and is fourth single from it.

The main sample hook comes from and old classic reggae tune called "I Chase the Devil" by Max Romeo, whichwas produced by no one else than the legendary Lee Scratch Perry. The correct lyrics are: "I'm gonna send him to outer space, to find another race". It also samples "Critical Beatdown" by the Ultramagnetic MCs, with the Kool Keith line "I'll take your brain to another dimension, pay close attention."

The colour-negative video featured the band raving in a rural setting with Keith dressed up in a "raver's outfit". Other elements include the footage of satellites and ostriches.

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