Fire / Jericho

UK chart position: 11
September 1992, 7" XL-Recordings XLS-30
September 1992, 12” XL-Recordings XLT-30
September 1992, Cassette XL-Recordings XLC-30
September 1992, XL-Recordings XLS-30CD
MNW Indepedent Label Presentation & XL-Recordings, XLS-30CD
Elektra versions
Other versions

Released in September 1992, this was the Prodigy's first release for nearly a year. It reached #11 in the UK singles charts. The title track is very hard, and shut up those who thought The Prodigy were turning soft for the charts. Even harder, on the flip side is Jericho, a frenzy of horns, breakbeats and percussion. This EP kicked ass, and was deleted after two weeks, in preparation for the release of the Prodigy's first album, Experience.

Named 'Strangely Limited Edition' since the 12" was only out for 2 weeks before beeing withdrawn. This in order to prime the market for the album which was due to be released a few months later. However the single has long since been re-released and eventually they forgot to remove the "Strangely Limited Edition"-text from the cover so that's why the sub-title still stands.

A video was recorded for the track but the band thought it turned out so bad that they never released it commercially for airplay. However it turned up on a compilation from XL in '92 called 'The Video Chapter', it has become a very sought after rarity among prodigy collectors since its still the only way to get hold of the Fire video.

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