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This section of the site is especially designed for the hard-core fans, with the low down on all the cool Prodigy stuff out there, which may or may not have anything to do with the music. This might be really an obsession to some people to try collect stuff. If that's your thing then this is a good place to read more about those items and maybe see some new ones that you haven't got yet.

On the other hand this site might also inspire you to start collecting the stuff. So, it's not my fault if you will spend all your money to this stuff ;) I have tried to arrange similar items together in the following images. Click on an image to expand it. If you have some items that I haven't here, please send a picture and a description about the item to

Prodigy beer

An official promotional beer

In 1997, at the UK press launch of their Fat Of The Land album, the Prodigy flew loads of journalists to a remote farm somewhere in Wales. The hacks were introduced to a very large Hereford bull, and taken into a barn where a sound system of positively promethean proportions was used to play back the album at ear-bleed-inducing volume.

As is normal at such an event, the assembled throng were plied with free ale. In this case, very special ale - lager in green bottles, with black Prodigy labels. One on the neck carries the ant logo the band used at that time, the one on the front reads "THE FAT OF THE LAND" across the middle with "PILSNER LAGER Alc 5% volume" at the bottom, and the one on the back says "BEST AFTER: JUNE 30 1997" and carries both the band's logo and that of their record company, XL.

Prodigy radiator

This is a unique Prodigy radiator. Liam has written the lyrics of firestarter to it. This was available in some charity auction in 1999 or something. I don't know who is the lucky owner.

Prodigy 2009 Tour Guitar Pic

Prodigy 2009 Tour Guitar Pic

Guitar Pick from Rob Holliday. He used these on 2009 Invaders Must Die Tour.

Prodigy toilet seat cover

Toilet seat cover UK bizarre official promo item black & white furry toilet seat cover with embbroidered logo - issued to promote the Fat Of The Land. The only bad thing is that this is too small for european toilets.

Eastpak - Prodigy Signature Backpack - Limited To 3000 charity backpack made with Eastpak.


Lenin poster

Poster is from the release of Fat of the Land July 1 1997. Signed by Kozik. There are only 1200 of these postered made and it is signed. Measures 18 1/2 by 28 inches.

American concert poster

Done by Allen Jaeger for the prodigy at the masquerade in atlanta,GA on june 4 1997. There are 400 original signed and numbered prints. Poster measures 13x28inches and is a 10 color screening. All of Allen's colors are custom mixed and posters are Hand pulled by himself.

Stuart Semple Versus The Prodigy

The Prodigy celebrated their sell-out UK tour Run With Wolves with a limited-edition run of collaborative prints created with a little help from the proto-punk pop polymath Stuart Semple. The first of these entitled Thunder was released via Released in an edition of just 75, these prints are uber-exclusive, even more so with each one of them personally hand-finished by Stuart Semple who has added a secret invisible image that can only be seen when you are gurning your face off on acid, ketamine, ecstasy and diazepam in the dark corner of a grimy south London warehouse rave.
Each print is published by Little Art Book using traditional hand silkscreen printing techniques and is embossed and signed by both The Prodigy and Stuart Semple.

Prodigy Jewish Republic Stamp

Nice unofficial Prodigy stamp. If you have more info about this, please send.

Prodigy dog tags

They were selling these on 97 gigs.

Prodigy shirt by Disturbia

100% combed cotton white t-shirt featuring Flag artwork designed and hand silk-screen printed by Disturbia.

This shirt has a tailored fit and set-in collar and hems are grinded for a distressed, vintage look.

The t-shirts in this limited edition are numbered 1-100 with the each number and ant logo uniquely embroidered into the front of the shirt.

Prodigy whistler

An Old merchandise from 94-95

If you know some other stuff, please send info to me!
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