Breaking America

During 1997 the Prodigy are expected to break through into America paving the way for Underworld and The Chemical Brothers. Until now the Prodigy are only an underground cult in the States, but they should soon be a huge success as they are in Europe.

The developments within America that should cause the Prodigy to become a great success are such as getting a favourable presscoverage by the Rolling Stone when reviewing their Seattle Endfest show last summer. MTV has also discovered the "Firestarter" video, and appearing on daytime viewing. The MTV US President gave an interview where she singled out the Prodigy as an example of the "new forms of music" that MTV intended to pursue.

"Firestarter" reached Number 99 in the Billboard Hot 100 last week which is expected to be the beginning of something better, and for the group to reach great success in the states.

After they've promoted there new album in Australia, they'll probable be doing a lot of gigs in the States.

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